March 15, 2020 – Sacrament Meeting Performance – In Hymns of Praise (#75)

We will be singing “In Hymns of Praise” in Sacrament meeting on March 15th. Here is a pdf of the Hymn that you may download:

In Hymns of Praise – #75

At the church’s website, you can play the music, play each part, and hear a choir sing the hymn. Here is the link to that webpage:

In Hymns of Praise – #75

In order for the interactive music to work, you will need allow flash player to run. Click on the link that says “Get Flash Player” and then choose allow. In Chrome, you may have to click on the block link to the right of the address bar and set it to ask you for permission.

If you cannot get that to play, here are links to play directly from this website:





All parts together